Buying a home in America is never a simple process, especially when purchasing a new house.  For U.S veterans, the USDA loan is a highly prominent option for 100 percent financing.  The program permits first-time buyers to obtain a home with minor or zero percent down.  Here are some valuable details about the USDA program.

Home Location

            According to the USDA map, veterans purchase a home in a rural approved area.  Rural areas are not always farm and agricultural lands. For Massachusetts residents, living in populated areas such as Boston, Springfield, or Worcester will not happen. Many outside surrounding suburbs in these cities are still eligible for USDA RD like Greenfield, Ware, and Franklin. There are many options outside the state like Woodstock, CT, or Rockingham, NH.

Household Income

The USDA program has income set limits established for each county, and every income-producing member of the household is part of the application process. The income limits starts around $93,000 per year. The gross USDA household must be below $93,000 for families that have one to four people. However, some counties have a higher income limit. The limit increases drastically for any households that have five or more. First home buyers need a 620 or greater credit score to apply for most lenders, banks, and brokers.


            There are many benefits for first-time buyers who are approved. First, they can get 100% financing that has a limited amount of money. Additionally, schoolteachers, firefighters, and police officers can benefit from this program. No bond money or down payment is required. Secondly, there is not a particular class for approval of a loan. Thirdly, the USDA program allows the home seller to pay all your closing costs. Lastly, the program offers low fixed interest rates where buyers do not need to worry about monthly mortgage payment changes.


The USDA first-time buyer program can assist you with buying a new home.  At American Mortgage Resource, Inc., we can help you benefit from this program. Visit our website to learn more information about getting a great deal for a new home.