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When you’re starting to apply for home loans, you’ll come across some financial terms during your research. While you might be familiar with a few words and phrases, there could also be a couple of confusing ones too. Loan jargon isn’t a part of everyone’s vocabulary, which is why we have written down terms that might be helpful on your loan application journey!


A quick way for lenders to tell you what kind of loan, if any, you may qualify for. It’s important not to confuse prequalification with preapproval, which is a more formal commitment from a lender and often requires additional documentation.

Net Income

Your take-home pay after taxes and other deductions, such as health insurance. Simply, this is the amount you see on your paycheck. Note: your net income is different from your gross income, which is your wages without any deductions.


A cosigner is someone who signs for your loan with you. If your credit score isn’t high enough, a cosigner, which is essentially someone who is legally obligated to repay your loan if you’re unable to, may be a way to get the money you need.


This stands for annual percentage rate. An APR includes your interest rate, but also wraps in things like one-time charges and annual fees. You can use an online loan calculator to determine how APR can affect your monthly payments.

Debt Consolidation

If a lender mentions debt consolidation, this means a combination of debts into a single loan. Anything from credit cards to house bills is included.


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